Meet Paul Birman

Paul Birman
PlumpJack’s Proud Wine Expert

When I was young, I was exposed to many far away places without ever leaving home. My father was a philatelist (a stamp dealer), and often brought work from the office home with him. I would look through his albums of inventory and read names of distant lands written in foreign words or alphabets, and would marvel at the images of landscapes, art, food, dignitaries, animals, and more. Now, many decades later, I find myself discovering far away, unfamiliar places through wine. While tasting a wine is the essence of enological enjoyment, learning about the land and culture from where a wine comes, and the people involved in its production, adds to the overall experience.

I’ve been a wine buyer in San Francisco for over 25 years, but I originally started working in hotels and restaurants. Eventually, my experience in dining rooms and kitchens allowed me to become a wine buyer. I’ve been at PlumpJack for over 15 years, and as a buyer, I have the opportunity to taste thousands and thousands of wines. It’s really exhilarating and fun to help wine drinkers select wines when they come to the store (especially since I chose them all!).

Stay tuned on Thursdays for Paul’s wine pick of the week or visit him at our Fillmore Wine Store.

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